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Clinch Mountain

December 2018 – The vibrant red of the engine nacelles of a Virgin Atlantic airplane contrasts with the grey and white of the Appalachian mountains 35 000 feet below. The predominant ridge (the third from the left) is Clinch Mountain, … Continue reading

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Towards Kimmeridge

October 2020 – The last day with reasonable weather in October 2020, stunning Purbeck Coast.

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Caprice Classic

July 2018 – A Chevy Caprice Classic that has seen better times is parked in front of Al Murraba Commercial Complex, just behind the Murabba Fish Market near the King Abdulaziz Historic Centre. It was about 5:30PM, about 45 degrees … Continue reading

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Kart van het eiland Sumatra

1855 – Utrecht University Library, Special Collections offers its map collection online and allows georeferenced historic maps to be viewed on top modern maps with an opacity slider. Find more historic maps here.

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Native land

Interactive map of native lands with a plethora of resource links (mainly Americas, Australia and a bit of northern Europe).

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The tip of the Golden Horseshoe

July 2007 – On a flight from Boston to Chicago O’Hare we got a great view over the western tip of Lake Ontario, the crest of the Golden Horseshoe area in Ontario, Canada. The Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) follows the … Continue reading

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January 2020 – On a flight from Heathrow to Abu Dhabi the city of Faiyum, west of the river Nile sparkled in the Dark. The road leads to Cairo.

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September 2020 – The cliffs east of Barton on Sea in Hampshire have become more unstable in recent years and feature several landslides.

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Historic maps of Padang

September 2020 – we found these great maps of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra as well as the central region of West Sumatra here. Compare the Dutch place names to a modern day map (zoom in to get more … Continue reading

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August 2020 – fantastic thistles near the spring of the Emscher River in Holzwickede, Germany.

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